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Positive body image, self-esteem, body confidence and self-confidence through better understanding of fake v. reality on social media.

Ceril has been creating public images for pop stars, actors, TV presenters and sports personalities on the red carpet, in magazines, and on TV and film in a long and successful career of over 30 years. Celebrities that Ceril has styled include Darcey Bussell DBE, Serena Williams and Zara TIndell MBE. Helping celebrity and non-celebrity clients look and feel their best with positive body-image and confidence advice, and also with 2 grown up children of her own ( one who is now a photographer and the other a makeup artist), Ceril understands all the issues that can arise during pre-teen and teen formative years including body dysmorphia, eating disorders, bullying and lack of self-worth.

  • The more followers = how pretty/attractive/fit/popular you are
  • The more likes = how pretty/attractive/fit/popular you are
  • The more online approval ratings = how pretty/attractive/fit/popular you are

Ceril's social media talks are bespoke and created especially for your school's requirements-whether it's for your pupils, your teachers or for the parents.

Using her years of experience working with 1-2-1clients, corporate clients and in the media behind and in front of the camera and now with her own social media channels with around 4,000 Instagram followers, Ceril understands the challenges young teens now have to face with differentiating reality and virtual reality. Unrealistic, airbrushed, photo-shopped online images ( even of their peers) create comparison anxieties as to why this unattainable ideal of perfection never matches the image a child, however young, sees of him or herself in the mirror. The 'selfie' culture on social media sites and on anonymous rating apps further encourage negative, self-destructive, thought processes leading to mental health issues.

The concept that those who don't know you, but can still rate the virtual you, will create a skewed vision of the virtual versus the real. Who are your real friends? This leads to lack of self-esteem, self-hatred, body-image and self-confidence issues as well as the beginning of the road to self-harm and eating disorders.

Nowadays, it is no longer just a celebrity crush or an airbrushed beauty ad that influences young children and teens of both sexes, but all social media channels.. The extreme pressure to be perfect in every way is now affecting both girls and boys who have not yet even reached their teens.

Ceril changes the perceptions and views of social media, offering the teens in your school an unexpected adult viewpoint of how to have a positive and forward looking experience online rather than the expected adult negative view.

Ceril's talks will help your pupils understand the importance of first impressions and body language especially in interviews. Also how to create a positive social media footprint for the future that will benefit university and job interviews.

Ceril is based in London but is able to travel to schools and locations in the SW England including Sussex, Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire.


There is no true definition of beauty.

It isn't limited to girls with long hair and lots of makeup.
It isn't the girls you see on the photoshopped social media sites.
It isn't the 'styled to perfection' public image of your favourite celebrity.

Beauty, true beauty, can be so much more than that.
Beauty can be kindness or quick wit.
It can be intelligence, compassion, or drive.
Beauty can be a strong-willed girl who flaunts her imperfections and stands up against her insecurities.
The image of perfection that today's media presents is nothing but a facade.
Girls and boys need to start viewing themselves as more than their bodies.
Beauty is more than outer appearance.
Beauty comes from within..


"I think the session went well. Ceril was very well prepared and her resources were excellent. Some of our students did question her quite intently on the subject matter and there was a lot of discussion when students left the hall, which again is great."
Royal Russell School, Croydon.

"Ceril's session was extremely engaging and full of good advice for the girls as they embark on their transition to secondary school."
Ursuline Preparatory school, Wimbledon

"Thank you for coming into school to speak, giving our pupils the opportunity to reflect in a slightly different context on the uses and values of social media and self.  It certainly created a valid debate.
Real change will come about from reflection and honest dialogue and I feel that your presentation gave us that."
Mark Waldron, Headmaster.
Ryde School with Upper Chine, Isle of Wight

"Just had the talk with Mrs Campbell and really enjoyed it. She was so lovely. Really changed lots of people in our year's opinions on how we use social media"
Mimi (Year 9)